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We share with our customers our experience in the optimisation, critical performance and flexibility of the processes they contract.

We are your packaging and quality control partner that best resolves the needs of your business with the highest level of quality and response capacity.

An outer wrapper which provides tamper-proof protection and enhances the outward appearance of the product.

Shrink-wrapper for multi-buy promotions or to protect single products.

Protection of any type of healthcare, cosmetic, food or industrial product.

Promotional product combinations offering a quality finish.

Product and promotional packs, labelling, batch management, display stands, quality control, stock recovery and any process requiring handling.

Coding (batch, expiry date, date of manufacture...) and printing of labels to identify packs and pallets.

Filling of creams: automatic tube-filling machine.

Packs, pack replacements, leaflets and presentation, quality controls, re-processing, labelling, batch control, assembly and filling of display stands with pharmaceutical products.

Packaging in blisters and single dose sachets of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use.

Whether the products are liquid, semi-solid (creams and gels) or solid (granules, tablets...).

Drug conditioning for clinical trials.

Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis.
HPLC, GC/GC-HS, dissolution test...

Quality control of imported and European batches.

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